What happens to your brain during a migraine

What happens to your brain during a migraine

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  • Language: English
  • Level: B2
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Worksheet time: 60'

This lesson plan is dedicated to doctors, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists, med students, or anybody else who would like to discover the Medical English vocabulary. The worksheet is divided into 3 parts: vocabulary, comprehension and speaking.

Learn such collocations as: “soothe pain”, “heal wound”, “alleviate sickness” and many others. Then, complete the sentences and practice English tenses. Next, use the words in a short discussion. Finally, learn new words before watching a video, for example “fatigue”, “tingling”.

Comprehension (video)
Watch a Ted-Ed video in which you will learn more about migraines and answer the questions.

Discuss different ways of treating migraines by looking at the pictures. Express your opinion. Remember: there are no bad answers!