Inside a $169,000,000 New York City Penthouse

Inside a $169,000,000 New York City Penthouse

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  • Language: English
  • Level: B1/B2
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Worksheet time: 60'

Inside a $169,000,000 New York City Penthouse - English for real estate

This lesson plan is dedicated to real estate agents, property managers, landlords, tenants, brokers, investors or anybody else who would like to discover the vocabulary related to real property. The worksheet is divided into 3 parts: vocabulary, comprehension and speaking.

Students learn such words as listing, tenant, lease and many others. First, they have to match the words to their definitions. Next, they fill gaps in the sentences and they answer a few questions, which makes the lesson very practical.

In this part, students watch the video, answer the questions and observe the adjectives used to describe an apartment. Then, they describe views, design, furniture, ect.

Finally, your students have to show their client around an apartment and convince him to buy it. They will see four different pictures of the place.

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