How I got used to living abroad
How I got used to living abroad

How I got used to living abroad

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  • Language: English
  • Level: B1
  • Number of pages: 5
  • Worksheet time: 1.5h

This worksheet focuses on the ways of using the „used to” structures. It contains exercises in which students can practice how to use them in various tenses and situations, and learn some new vocabulary. This worksheet is designed for intermediate English speakers.


In the first part of this worksheet students will distinguish the meanings of „used to”, „to be used to” and „to get used to”. They will do it by matching the sample sentences with the explanations. Next, they will study the rules of building sentences, which contain these structures. After that, they are going to practice these “used to” forms by completing two other grammar exercises. 

Writing & Speaking:

Next part can be treated as either an oral or a written exercise. Students can test their skills by finishing the sentences using “used to” structures and by answering the questions in exercise 5. 


In the third part students can practice their reading skills. Students are going to read a text about living abroad and rephrase certain fragments of it, so as to apply their knowledge of „used to”. What is more, we prepared one lexical exercise based on the vocabulary from the next, in which students will have to find synonyms of chosen words in the text. 

Listening & Vocabulary:

In the last part students can practice their skills in a very pleasant and entertaining way. Firstly, by listening to a song connected to the topic of the lesson and secondly, by watching and understanding a YouTube video about getting used to living in South Korea. Lastly, we chose 6 words from the video in order to conclude the worksheet with even more vocabulary exercises.  

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